Rental Tips

  1. Typically, the application screening fee should cost no more than $62.02 per applicant. However, the fee can be adjusted to cover the housing providers actual out of pocket costs.


  1. Use caution when providing a holding deposit to a perspective housing provider. If you change your mind, the housing provider can keep some or all the amount depending on how long it takes to find an alternate tenant and/or the number of days the property was off the market.


  1. Complete an initial inspection of the unit prior to signing a rental agreement. Put all signs of repair needs and infestations in writing and have the perspective housing provider sign as acknowledgment. Also, take pictures of the unit upon moving in.


  1. Make sure that you request a copy of your signed rental agreement. A housing provider is required to provide a copy within 15 days of signing.


  1. A tenant should consider obtaining renters insurance. A housing provider is responsible for the structure and not your personal property inside the structure.


  1. Pay rent via verifiable funds; personal check, money order, cashier’s check. While a housing provider should provide you with a receipt, you always want to have evidence of your rent being paid in case a dispute arises.


  1. A housing provider must provide a 24-hour written notice of their intent to enter the property; unless there is an emergency or if they believe the unit is abandoned.


  1. A housing provider may increase rent with a 30-day or 60-day written notice; depending on the percentage of the increase.


  1. Be responsive to any type of notice you receive from the housing provider. The longer you wait to respond can limit your options.


  1. All unlawful detainers must be answered within 5 court days of receipt. As of September 1, 2019, weekends and holidays are excluded. FHF assists with your answer via appointment only.