PRESS RELEASE: Reasonable Modification Request Granted 3.12.24

Reasonable Modification Request Granted with Fair Housing Foundation Support


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March 12, 2024- Norwalk, CA – The Fair Housing Foundation (FHF) assisted a disabled married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Doe, who were seeking assistance with a reasonable modification request. Mr. and Mrs. Doe had been tenants at their property since June 2003. During their 20-year tenancy, the carpeting in their unit had not been replaced. Both Mr. and Mrs. Doe suffer from medical conditions in which the carpeting was exacerbating their symptoms.


Mr. and Mrs. Doe had contacted management on their own to request their carpeting be replaced but management did not want to engage. Mr. and Mrs. Doe are Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) recipients and management told them to reach out to Section 8 to pay for the carpet replacement. Mr. and Mrs. Doe reached out to their Section 8 case worker but were told that the Housing Choice Voucher program does not offer carpet replacement services or compensation.


To assist Mr. and Mrs. Doe, FHF contacted the property manager and received a response from a supervisor. The supervisor informed FHF that he had inspected the unit himself and the carpeting looked to be in good shape. FHF clarified to the supervisor that although the carpeting may visibly be in good shape, according to HUD, carpeting life span is 5 to 7 years. FHF also clarified that Section 8 is not responsible for funding the carpet replacement. After some consideration, the supervisor stated he would proceed with the carpet replacement, but a portion of the cost would fall on the tenant. In the end, the housing provider replaced the carpeting with wood floors at no cost to the tenant. Mr. and Mrs. Doe were now able to breathe easier thanks to the modification and generosity of the property managers.





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