Press Release: FHF Successfully Resolved Two Familial Status Cases in the County o

FHF Successfully Resolved Two Familial Status Cases in the County of Orange Involving Over Occupancy


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Garden Grove and Westminster, CA- The Fair Housing Foundation received two separate complaints from two different tenants with similar situations. The clients contacted FHF in May 2022 seeking advice about their fair housing rights regarding familial status discrimination. Both tenants had been living at their residences over 4 years or more and received a 3-Day Notice to Cure or Quit issued by the management company notifying the tenants that they were allegedly in violation of the rental and occupancy criteria guidelines. Per the management company, one way to cure the notice was to remove one unauthorized occupant to comply with occupancy limits from their unit within three days of the notice. Both tenants in each scenario were faced with a critical decision to make- the possibility of facing eviction or removing one of the minor children and/or one parent from the apartment in order to comply with management’s Occupancy Criteria Guidelines.

Under the Fair Housing Act, housing providers may not discriminate due to familial status. The guidelines set forth regarding the maximum number of occupants permitted to occupy a dwelling are standard guides set for reference by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Therefore, FHF contacted both management companies and were able to obtain a successful resolution. The 3-Day Notice to Cure or Quit was rescinded and tenants were allowed to remain in their current apartment without being put at risk of facing eviction.


The Fair Housing Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1964 and is dedicated to eliminating discrimination in housing and promoting equal access to housing choices for everyone. FHF engages in activities including outreach and education, testing and investigation, and counteracting and eliminating discriminatory housing practices in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The Fair Housing Foundation is a HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency and also offers Rental Counseling. Please contact Fair Housing Foundation at 1-800-446-3247 (TTY: 1-800 855-7100) for more information.

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